At Just for Kids, our priority is helping you to take the best care of your child. To us, that includes offering a safe, engaging, and fun space for your child once school is over for the day! Whether you have errands to run, a longer workday than your child’s school day, or you want to provide them with more opportunities for social interactions, our after school care program is here to help!

Providing Safe Spaces After School

One of the most popular reasons to enroll your child in after school care is to ensure they’re safe once school ends each day. Our team offers transportation from school to our center so you don’t need to worry about transportation while you’re still at work or busy in the afternoons, too. With our team watching over your kiddo, you can rest easy knowing they’re in great hands.

Keep Them Learning & Playing

A great benefit of being part of our after school care program is that our caretakers and teachers understand the learning power of play. After school is over, we don’t stop the learning, we just make it more fun! While they’re with us, your kiddo will have opportunities to keep learning while enjoying the company of their peers.

Create Lasting Memories & Connections

Whether it’s in school, in sports, or in our after school care program, kids have all kinds of opportunities to make connections with their peers. Our programs offer opportunities for your kiddo to make friends outside of school, expanding their social circle and creating lasting friendships and memories.

Accomodate Everyone’s Schedules

Of course, ensuring that your work schedule doesn’t endanger your child’s safety is a top priority, but when they are in our after school care, your kiddo also has time to work on homework and get in time to socialize and play with friends. That means that once you get them home, they have more time and mental energy to spend connecting with the family and enjoying at-home time.

Our after school care programs are open to a wide range of ages and families in Chicago. Learn more about our care programs today and get started by reaching out to us