If your child’s schoolday begins before your workday does, or you have morning obligations that make getting your kiddo to school at the start of the day difficult, Just For Kids can help! We offer before school care programs to keep your child safe, get them to school on time, and ensure the whole family’s schedule is maintained!

Start The Day Off Right

When your child is enrolled in before-school care with Just For Kids, you can be sure that your child will start the day off right with healthy snacks, engaging activities, and even social opportunities before the schoolday even starts. Great days start with great mornings, and we’re here to help you and your kiddo have a great time, every day!

Get To Work On Time

Work schedules and school schedules are not always in sync. One of the biggest challenges we notice families facing is figuring out coordinating schedules to keep everyone on track, on time, and safe. That’s why our before school care starts as early as 6:00am, so you can get to work on time, take care of your morning obligations, or just ensure that your kiddo has a great morning, everyday!

Begin Learning Before School Even Starts

When your child comes to before school care with Just For Kids, they’re not just spending time in a safe space before school starts, they’re getting additional learning, playing, and socializing time to jumpstart their day. We provide engaging activities that are fun and educational so your child starts learning before class even begins!

Getting to School On Time Without Worry

Our before school care wouldn’t be convenient without transportation to school. Our certified transportation team is ready to take your child to school so they safely arrive on time and ready to learn! That means you never have to worry about arranging transportation to school while you’re at work, and can rest assured that your child is safe and happy with Just For Kids! 

Learn more about Just For Kids before school care and other outside-of-school care programs online today. Contact us to ask any questions, or get started with our scheduling form today.