There can be a lot of conflicting feelings around your toddler starting preschool, for both you and your child. While your toddler may feel excited at the thought of going to school like a big kid, they might also be scared to be separated from you. There are some things you can do to ease your child into this transition, and finding a preschool program like the one offered at Just for Kids is one of them. Here are some more ways you can prepare your kids for preschool learning.

Start A Routine 

As any parent knows, a change in structure is a difficult thing for kids to deal with. Physically, emotionally, and mentally, it can take a toll on their little bodies. While these changes to routine are necessary to their growth, you can make it easier by beginning to develop your new routine early. Just for Kids recommends easing them into this new schedule in the month leading up to their starting preschool. This will help them settle into their new routine and get more comfortable with it before they start their program.

Take A Tour

Sometimes the scariest and most daunting challenges are the unknown. Walking into a new building with new people, new smells, and new sounds can be a terrifying thing for a child. Just for Kids encourages parents to bring  their child in for a tour. This, not only introducesto introduce them to thea new environment and helps them get excited about playing with new toys, but it also helps them meeting new friends, and learning new activities.  

Provide Reassurance

Not only is it important to reassure your child that there is nothing to worry about and that they will be safe at their new preschool, but it’s also essential to reassure them that their feelings are normal. Just for Kids recommends letting your child know it’s okay to be afraid, nervous, or sad if that’s how they are feeling. It will also help them see that you might be feeling scared, sad, or anxious, too.

Stay Positive

Above all else, it’s important to frame this new experience as something fun and exciting. While your child may not follow suit right away, eventually, their worries will start to subside, and they will begin to get excited for this new adventure as well. Just for Kids provides a fun, safe, and positive environment to help your child grow and thrive.

For many people, change can be scary, and for preschoolers, it can be even more difficult. Getting your child used to the idea early can help them adjust quicker, ease their fears, while getting them excited and ready to take on this new experience. Contact Just for Kids today to schedule an appointment to tour our facility.