When summer rolls around, kids are ecstatic to get out of school and start enjoying all the fun things about the warmest time of the year. However, without daily school time, you may be wondering how you’ll juggle your kiddo’s schedule with your work schedule. Instead of worrying about scheduling, summer camps are a great option! Learn more about our summer camp programs, and what your kiddo will love about them!

Wide Age Range

Our summer camps are open to a wide range of ages for your children, from three all the way up to fourteen! Because kids tend to learn better and have more fun with their peers, we are sure to keep age-appropriate groups together, so you don’t have to worry about older kids being too rowdy with your little ones or big kids getting bored with younger ones around. 

Open Houses To Learn More

Even if you work from home and can have kids at home during the daytime in the summer, camp can be a great way to get them engaged with others in their age group and staying mentally and physically active. If you’re not sure about whether it’s worth the time or will fit with your needs, we understand! That’s why we offer open houses for discerning parents like you to come see everything our summer camps have to offer before you enroll.

Transportation, Meals, and A Wide Range of Dates

One of the most important aspects of summer camp, for us, is ensuring that your children are taken care of. That’s why we offer transportation to and from camp, we always provide all meals and snacks during the daytime, and we have summer camp running all summer long, not just for a few weeks. We’re here to help you child have a great summer full of fun memories, and that’s our top priority.

Give Your Child The Best Summer Experience!

From group activities to outside playtime to use of theater rooms, music rooms, and more, our summer camps are packed full of opportunities for fun and learning. We offer dance classes, teamwork exercises, and free-play so your child has the option to learn, to just enjoy playing with peers, or to pick up a new skill! 

Our summer day camp program in Chicago is designed to help families like yours grow healthy, thriving children. Learn more about our summer day camp today and get started with an enrollment application online!