As your child grows, you want to be sure to set them up for success in school, extracurricular activities, and life in general. At Just For Kids, our focus is on helping you with that goal! We offer after school tutoring and learning programs to help you child learn skills that will help them throughout their life and hone those skills as they grow. 

4-H Program & Girls On The Run

The 4-H program is a well-known national program that helps children of all ages and genders learn more about leadership, companionship, and caring for others. Alongside this program, Just For Kids offers Girls On The Run, a program for young girls who are interested in learning about leadership, running, and being active in their community.

Safe Sitter & College Preparedness

For older children who are ready to take on more responsibilities and prepare themselves for higher education, we offer these two programs to hone the skills they’ve already learned. The Safe Sitter program offers classes and courses to help your child learn what it takes to be a great sitter that is confident in their skills. With College Preparedness, your child can take studying and testing prep classes and courses to better prepare for higher education. 

Benefits of Tutoring Programs

When your child participates in after school learning and tutoring programs, they’re not just being set up for success, they’re also offered more opportunities for social connections, academic connections, and potential career connections as they grow. Because each of these programs takes place after school with Just For Kids, you also know that they’re in a safe space with adults who care about their success and their continued happiness, so you can rest easy that they’re in great hands!

Get Started Today

Getting your kiddo started in one of our tutoring and afterschool learning programs is easy! Just fill out the application form, or call us to learn more about a specific program. At Just For Kids, we’re dedicated to helping Chicago families grow thriving children and young adults with our programs, so just reach out if you have any questions!

Learn more about our after school learning programs today, or browse our services online. Contact us today to get started or to learn more about us.