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Providing quality enrichment programs

for children in the greater Chicago area.

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Celebrating 16 Years of Keeping School-Age Youth (ages 3-14) SAFE, Engaged and Having FUN!

Whether you're looking for a safe, fun and meaningful Before-And-After-School Program or a top Pre-K through 1st Grade SchoolJust For Kids has your children covered all under one roof!

Created by award-winning former elementary school teacher Cassandra TaylorJust For Kids is located in the peaceful Morgan Park area, and features a hardwood basketball court, themed classrooms, kitchen and dining room where meals and nutritious snacks are served.

Choosing the right before-and-after-school program or school has never been more important. Especially in a city where 40 children were killed in the crossfire of stray bullets.  And while we can't stop the violence, we can make sure that your school-aged kids are safe, sound and having the time of their lives while you're at work.

Just For Kids -- where your child's safety, well-being and future means everything to us!  Sign your school-aged children up today at Just For Kids!


Registered School (Pre-K through 12th Grade) by the Illinois State Board of Education

State Licensed Day Care Center by the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS)

A Special 'Thank You' from Just for Kids

To the hundreds and hundreds of parents who have entrusted their children to our care over the last 15 years plus, we at Just for Kids can't thank you enough! It's a trust we hold sacred. If you have any questions or are interested in enrolling your child at Just for Kids, please call us at 773-747-6473.

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Our Child Care Center Philosophy

At Just For Kids, Cassandra and her dedicated staff, including outstanding elementary school teachers and amazing volunteers, are taking daycare to another new level every day! Whether it's just for a few hours, before-or-after-school, summer programs, online school, or holiday breaks, your school-age child will love Just For Kids! Best of all, you won't have to worry while you're away. You'll have peace of mind knowing your child is safe, sound and enjoying a wealth of unforgettable activities, recreation and sports at Just For Kids.

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Discover for yourself why parents choose Just for Kids!

Just For Kids is a welcoming, joyful oasis of fun, recreation, and inspiring programs for youth ages 3 to 14. A place where your child's well-being has been our TOP PRIORITY for over 15 years!

Your children will always remember all of the fun they had at Just For kids. They'll remember the cool activities, team sports, fascinating field trips, new friends they made, caring staff, and the yummy meals and snacks.  And they'll always remember that you cared enough to send them to the best... Just For Kids.

Consider us your After School Experts!

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About Us

Everything your school-aged child needs -- from academics to sports - at one beautiful, safe and convenient Church facility that spans an entire block.  Just For Kids is not only a fun and inspiring Before-And-After-School-Program, it's also a top Pre-K through 1st Grade School, too! Whether it's DAYCARE or SCHOOL, discover why Just For Kids is the choice of parents who want the best for their child!


It is the mission of Just for Kids, LLC to maintain a staff that is dedicated to the social, physical, psychological, and academic state of all children that are enrolled in our program. We welcome warm and joyful personalities yet firm and strong-minded workers. We focus on the importance of “family” in which we consider the children and staff.



"As a parent, we know that it's always important that our children feel safe.  He has a great time at Just For Kids.  He hates to be picked up because he loves to have fun in the gym programs.  It's just a blessing for your child to have someplace safe to be, and you don't have to worry on a daily basis." 

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Chicago Illinois Child Care

The mission of Just For Kids Before and After School Program is to provide a safe, fun and nurturing recreational environment where children can choose from a wide variety of activities, sports, games, field trips... and so much more! Don't be surprised when your child comes home with increased knowledge in a variety of topics, new talents, excellent social skills, and a wonderful sense of community.

Our goal at Just For Kids is to introduce and reinforce the arts, technology, sports, and academic foundations that you, their families, have set before them. We encourage community service, as it is our duty to give as we receive.

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