1. Before School Care Programs

    If your child’s schoolday begins before your workday does, or you have morning obligations that make getting your kiddo to school at the start of the day difficult, Just For Kids can help! We offer before school care programs to keep your child safe, get them to school on time, and ensure the whol…Read More

  2. Learning Programs to Help Your Child Succeed

    As your child grows, you want to be sure to set them up for success in school, extracurricular activities, and life in general. At Just For Kids, our focus is on helping you with that goal! We offer after school tutoring and learning programs to help you child learn skills that will help them throug…Read More

  3. Learn More About Our Summer Camps!

    When summer rolls around, kids are ecstatic to get out of school and start enjoying all the fun things about the warmest time of the year. However, without daily school time, you may be wondering how you’ll juggle your kiddo’s schedule with your work schedule. Instead of worrying about schedulin…Read More

  4. About Our After School Care

    At Just for Kids, our priority is helping you to take the best care of your child. To us, that includes offering a safe, engaging, and fun space for your child once school is over for the day! Whether you have errands to run, a longer workday than your child’s school day, or you want to provide th…Read More

  5. How To Help Your Child Prepare For Preschool

    There can be a lot of conflicting feelings around your toddler starting preschool, for both you and your child. While your toddler may feel excited at the thought of going to school like a big kid, they might also be scared to be separated from you. There are some things you can do to ease your chil…Read More

  6. Four Benefits of Preschool

    Starting kindergarten was a big deal for most of us, being our first foray into the education system. These days, it’s becoming increasingly common for young kids to enter some sort of preschool program prior to kindergarten. While you might consider just waiting until they enter the “real” sc…Read More

  7. Four Reasons To Choose Just For Kids

    Did you know that one in five school-aged children spends their after school hours alone? This is valuable time that could be spent in a high-quality after school program that promotes socialization skills, learning opportunities, and more. For the highest rated after school and preschool programs i…Read More

  8. The Financial Challenges of Childcare

    Quality and affordable child care is vital to the development of every child as it grants them learning opportunities out of school. It's also beneficial to parents as it allows you to stay in the labor force while encouraging the healthy development of your kids.  However, many working families do…Read More

  9. Learning Opportunities Outside of School

    At Just For Kids in Chicago, we offer more to your children than just early childhood education and after school programs. Our center uses an old church, allowing us to offer a wide variety of learning opportunities for children in Chicago. In today’s post, learn more about some of our enriching p…Read More