1. The Financial Challenges of Childcare

    Quality and affordable child care is vital to the development of every child as it grants them learning opportunities out of school. It's also beneficial to parents as it allows you to stay in the labor force while encouraging the healthy development of your kids.  However, many working families do…Read More

  2. Learning Opportunities Outside of School

    At Just For Kids in Chicago, we offer more to your children than just early childhood education and after school programs. Our center uses an old church, allowing us to offer a wide variety of learning opportunities for children in Chicago. In today’s post, learn more about some of our enriching p…Read More

  3. Virtual Learning Opportunities at Just For Kids

    Many schools in Chicago, and across the country, have opted for virtual learning this school year. But we know the different challenges that brings, like having reliable internet or a quiet space for your child to focus.  Instead of worrying about creating the best virtual learning environment for …Read More

  4. Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

    As a parent of a young child, it can be hard to know what you could be doing to help prepare your child for kindergarten, elementary school, and beyond. Kindergarten is a space where your child will grow, interact with their peers, and learn valuable skills that will serve them well in the future. I…Read More

  5. Enriching Winter Activities for Your Children

    For children, winter is filled with exciting things, like the holiday season and the long-anticipated winter break. While your children might be content to sit at home and just watch television or play video games, as a parent, you also want to make their winter enriching and educational.  In today…Read More

  6. Boredom and Your Children

    How many times have you heard your child say “I’m bored”? Sometimes, being bored is a good thing. But other times — especially when your children are spending more time cooped up inside — boredom can be, well, boring.  At Just For Kids in Chicago, we know that a certain amount of boredom …Read More

  7. Child Care Services for the School Year

    At Just For Kids in Chicago, we offer a wide range of child care services to help ensure that your children have a safe and academic space when they’re not in school. Take a look at the child care services we offer during the school year — and make sure you get your children signed up today! Pre…Read More

  8. Keeping Kids Healthy This School Year

    This school year, it might seem like there are many uncertainties when it comes to keeping your kids safe and healthy. At Just For Kids in Chicago, our mission is to provide a fun, safe environment where you can send your children during the day — and this school year is no different. That’s why…Read More

  9. Update on Safety Precautions for COVID-19

    At Just For Kids in Chicago, our child care center has been opened throughout the coronavirus pandemic, providing essential childcare services to our community. Currently, we are enrolling children aged 3–14 in our child care programs. Learn more about the safety and sanitization processes we’ve…Read More