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“Learning about energy conservation is fun with Larry Rice, owner of Channel 24 in St. Louis.”

At our center, you can trust the care that your child is receiving and rest easy knowing that they have the safety they need. Many parents go into work before the school day starts, and are still working when kids get out of school. The chances of something happening to your child either before or after school is high; minimize your child’s risk and sign them up for Just For Kids before and after school care.
Just For Kids not only provides a safe center for your child to come to, we strive to be a place that continues their education and that they have fun coming to. With over 10 years of experience, our center’s goal is to provide the care and attention that your child needs throughout their day. We have a multimedia computer lab, as well as an open-court gym.

You can trust that your child is in good hands when they come to the before and after school program at Just For Kids

Providing round trip transportation, you never have to worry how your child will get to our child care center either before or after school. We provide a variety of nutritional snacks, implement a low teacher to student ratio, and believe in the power of fun. We take your child on field trips and provide weekly after school activities and clubs such as cheerleading, karaoke , jump rope, Spanish, scrapbooking, and more!

Never worry again about where your child is going to go when you are at work. They will love coming to Just For Kids; we are a place they actually look forward to being at. Contact us today to sign your child up for our before and after school program. There is a one-time registration fee which includes a T-shirt and all necessary materials.

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