Many parents begin their workdays long before their child’s school day starts, and are still working when the school day ends. This can be very stressful for parents who do not have a village helping them to raise their family. Single parents feel as though they are put at a disadvantage, putting together all their resources to properly take care of their children in ways that correspond to their busy schedules. Some parents are forced to consider leaving their young children alone during these times of the day. However, the chances of something negative happening to your child either before or after school, when they are left alone is very high. Kids are curious by nature, often causing falls and injuries when left under inadequate supervision. You already have a lot on your plate, and the last thing you want is to pick up an injured or upset child. And, it will leave you worrying about how they are doing in your absence. Minimize your child’s risk and sign them up for before and after school care at Just For Kids!

Just For Kids not only provides a safe child care center for your child, ages 3 to 14 to come to, but we strive to be a place that continues their education to develop young minds, as well as being a place that they have fun coming to. Children’s developmental years are crucial to building fundamental skills. We know that social skills, as well as educational knowledge, help place kids ahead of the learning curve. Our programs are geared to ensure that your kids succeed. With more than 10 years of experience, our daycare center’s goal is to provide the care and attention that your child needs throughout their day. We have a multimedia computer lab, as well as an open-court gym, and other exciting age-appropriate activities to keep them engaged.

You can trust that your child is in good hands when they come to the before and after school program at Just For Kids

Our childcare center provides round-trip transportation to and from school so that you never have to worry about how your child will get to our child care center either before or after school. Busy Chicago roads and highways can make it difficult for parents to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules. You want your kids to get to school on time, but you also must get to work on time. Transportation services provide you with an easy solution to this problem, while giving you peace of mind knowing that your kids are safe.

While in our care, we provide a variety of nutritional snacks, implement a low teacher-to-student ratio, and believe in the power of fun. Please let us know about any nutritional allergies so we can accommodate your child accordingly.

We will take your child on field trips and provide weekly after-school activities and clubs such as cheerleading, karaoke, jump rope, Spanish, scrapbooking, and more! They will begin to feel excited about going to school, cultivating a good relationship with education from the start. You won’t have to worry about your kids’ engagement with their education.

Never worry again about where your child is going to go when you are at work. They will love coming to Just For Kids; our childcare center is a place they will look forward to being at. Enrollment is a one-time registration fee that includes a t-shirt and all necessary materials for a successful daycare experience.

We also offer after-school care, daycare services, and “no school” days childcare. This allows you the freedom to do the things you love while your kids are entertained and safe. We know that parents are busy, and each of our programs are geared to your convenience, as well as your children’s safety. Enroll your child(ren) online, or contact us for more information today!

Before & After School Care

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Benefits of Before and After School Programs For Children

Before and after school programs are important for providing a safe place for children to be surrounded by quality care and they are important for providing working parents with peace of mind. Gone are the days where parents are faced with limited resources, leaving them scrambling to organize their schedules. Many parents work long hours, making it difficult to match their kid’s schedules to their own. Before and after school programs combat this issue by providing expert care to your kids, even outside of school session hours.

However, the benefits of quality before and after school programs are far more reaching than simply providing a watchful eye. Here are some of the benefits that child care programs can offer your school-age children.

Higher Test Scores

Researchers suggest that over half of students participating in a before and after school program showed improved reading and math skills Additionally, the more often a student attends the program, the more likely they are to show academic improvements. Another study that followed low-income students found that those who were enrolled in daily after school care performed significantly better on standardized tests and showed better work ethic than their classmates who stayed home alone. These results have been proven to be ongoing. Students who attended after-school programs in grade school or middle school had higher rates of high school class attendance rates and better grades. Not only were drop-out rates lower in kids who had attended before and after school programs, but those kids were more likely to engage in extracurricular school activities and take on leadership responsibilities.

Emotional and Social Health

One study suggests that students who participate in a before and after school program displayed less anger and shyness, and had better control of their emotions and higher self-esteem. More exposure to social interactions leaves your kids with the tools they need to build healthy relationships with others. They will learn how to make and keep friends, how to bond over common interests, and how to work together with people who may be different from them.

Less Risky Behavior

As children enter middle school, they begin to be exposed to drugs, alcohol, and sexual activity. An after-school program offers a positive outlet for energy and can provide positive adult role models. Studies show that participating in an after-school program dramatically reduces drug use and criminal behavior in youth. Additionally, studies have suggested that teens who do not have an afterschool program are three times more likely to skip class, use illicit drugs and alcohol, and engage in sexual activity.

With all the benefits that extend beyond basic childcare, you can’t afford to not send your children a quality before and after school program, like the ones offered by your local childcare center, Just For Kids! Our programs are designed with parents and kids in mind. We want to encourage child development while understanding and sympathizing with parents’ busy schedules. Therefore, we’ve extended our programs to hours beyond typical school sessions. We offer “no school days” childcare. Enroll your kids online, or contact us for more information today!

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