At Just For Kids, we strive to provide the care your child needs by creating a myriad of fun, exciting and educational before and after school programs. Our mission is to provide a safe place for your child before and after school… or during any breaks that they may have in school.

Just For Kids is a nurturing, recreational establishment that your child is sure to love every time they come!

You can expect your child to engage in numerous after-school activities that will engage their minds and promote personal growth now… and beyond.  By creating a fun atmosphere, your child will learn skills, including study habits, that will help them get better grades.  Success builds self-confidence and enables your child to not only excel in school, but in many other aspects of their life.  

At Just For Kids, your child will be introduced to arts, technology, sports, and academic studies creating a strong educational foundation for your child.  Each one of our after-school programs provides wonderful examples for your child to follow, while encouraging positivity and what it means to be a strong, committed and determined individual. We are NOT just a childcare camp; we are an institution that thrives on success!

Whether you need childcare for holidays, breaks, or before and after school programs, we strive to be the one place that you can count on for your child. Our goal is to provide the care your child needs in a safe, nurturing, and positive environment you won’t have to worry about.

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