Studies have shown that children who are engaged in after-school programs are more likely to enjoy better grades, stay out of trouble, cultivate strong studying habits while being more social all around.  At Just For Kids, we’re committed to playing a role in your children’s success!  Only if your child is successful, do we feel as though we’ve succeeded.  So, you can imagine our motivation to help them shine while in our care. 

We’re proud to say that Just For Kid’s after-school alumni have become leaders, motivators, and valued team players — vital assets in our community. We are dedicated to providing the necessary means for your child to excel, enjoy a greater sense of self-esteem and celebrate their own accomplishments. Successful kids can serve as mentors and role models to help other children follow in their success.  

That’s why Just For Kids offers the following robust programs:

4-H – Positive Youth Development and Mentoring Organization

H-4 is a national organization that welcomes youth of all beliefs and backgrounds, empowering them with life skills and leadership. Teach your child the importance of being confident, caring, and capable of thriving and succeeding in today’s highly competitive world. 4-H believes in the power of dreaming and finding a brighter tomorrow. Let your children become the leaders of tomorrow when you enroll them in H-4 at Just For Kids!

Girls On The Run 

Girls On The Run empowers all girls to believe and embrace their own individuality. We believe that every girl has a right to limitless potential and the opportunity to achieve great things.  Our program is important because it helps to instill a sense of responsibility, diversity, optimism, gratitude, and more. Girls on the Run helps to inspire girls to take charge of their lives and make a positive impact on their community. Empower your daughter by enrolling her today!

Safe Sitter 

If your child is great with other children and wants to learn what it takes to become a sitter themselves, they’re going to love this program. Through our courses and classes, your child can become the most sought-after sitter in your neighborhood. Safe Sitter offers safety, childcare, first aid, and life skills. Whether your child wants to babysit other people’s children, or you have younger children and you could use the help, Safe Sitter will vastly improve your children’s confidence and skills.  Enroll them today!

College Readiness

Our Readiness Program gives your child the opportunity to learn a combination of skills and important study and organizational routines that will help them be successful in college-level courses.  In today’s competitive scholastic environment, it’s important to give your child every opportunity to advance academically. College Readiness programs help high school students prepare for college entrance exams, including the ACT and SAT, as well as prepare them for life away from home and effective study habits. 

We can help them prepare to apply to schools and for scholarships and help them have a smoother transition between high school and college. Set your high schooler up for success today by enrolling them in our College Readiness Program!

At Just For Kids, our goal is to help your child flourish and succeed in a safe, positive, fun, and nurturing environment they’ll love.  That’s why we offer a rich variety of teacher-created after-school programs all designed to help your child become their best self. 

Call Just For Kids today to learn more about our wonderful selection of after-school programs.

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