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Friday, April 26, 2019 5pm – 7pm
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Friday, May 24, 2019 5pm – 7pm
Saturday, May 25, 2019 10am -1pm
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When The Fun Begins

Our Summer Camp Dates are June 17-August 23rd

Registration Dates:

Fridays May18th & 25th from 6pm-8pm
Saturdays May 19th & 26th from 12pm-2pm

Pre-Camp: June 3-June 14th
Regular Season: June17-August 23rd

Ages 3-14

Summer is great! No school, no homework, and freedom for your kids to have fun! But what if you are a working parent and your child needs somewhere to go while school is not is not in session? Or what if you find that your child seems to get bored during the summer without a schedule and planned activities? Just For Kids has your covered!

Keep You Child Engaged

We provide summer camp for kids ages 5 to 12. Camp is a great way to keep your child engaged through the summer with planned, exciting activities to look forward to. Our summer camp runs from 6 AM until 6:30 PM. The best part? You never have to worry what your child is getting into or where they are. Rest easy knowing that your child is safe and in wonderful hands with us. Transportation is available, as well as all meals, breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks.

Register for our summer camp for kids today to ensure that your child has their spot reserved for a summer they won’t forget. At Just For Kids, you child is not just another kid, they are part of our family. Summer camp means days packed with sports, swimming, water parks, arts and crafts, and more! Your child can enjoy our theater room, dance classes, and so much more!   Sign your child up today to ensure summer days packed with fun and excitement. There is never a dull moment with us! Make this summer one they look forward to.

Summer Camp in Chicago

Historically, the school year allowed a summer break so that children could help on their family farms during peak growing season. As we became an industrialized nation, summer break transitioned into summer vacation where children and families began to take a rest from the school year and engage in leisure activities. However, parents don’t get a summer vacation from work and life, and children tend to get bored without direction, and so summer camps were created! Summer camps are a wonderful way to get children out of the house and active with other kids with similar interests. Summer camps come in all forms — summer day camp, overnight camp, science camp, church camp, scout camp — and offer a variety of activities ranging from purely adventure and leisure to an extended learning experience. Regardless of what kind of summer program your child attends, there will be some significant benefits for you and your child.

Camp provides summer activities for kids.

Whether you send your kid to a day camp with your regular daycare or you send them to a week-long overnight science camp, the activities provided will usually include a day full of outdoor activities. This keeps children active and ensures that they are getting the suggested amount of physical activity to prevent diabetes and childhood obesity.

Summer camp encourages ongoing learning.

Studies suggest that kids can lose nearly two months worth of math learning, and weeks worth of reading comprehension over summer break if they are not mentally stimulated and challenged. During summer camp, simply staying active and engaging in a variety of activities helps to keep the mind active and the “thinking juices flowing,” as they say. During the school year, a majority of learning is conducted through reading and writing, but, while at summer camp, kids learn through action, by doing!

Summer programs teach teamwork.

If your child has several siblings at home, they may have already gained some sense of forced teamwork that is reinforced with other students at school. However, in summer programs, children must learn to hone their teamwork skills to be successful in recreational activities offered in the program. These teamwork skills are better learned outside of the home when children are outside of their comfort zone.

Summer camp helps children learn independence.

While we just discussed how children learn teamwork, it seems contradictory to mention that they learn independence. However, independence is learned when children, with the help of their peers, must figure out challenges and attempt new things, while taking responsibility for their actions and sharing space with “strangers,” helps a child learn what they are capable of. When they come home, they may be more willing clean their own room and help you with other household chores or make decisions about everyday activities.

Summer programs expand social circles.

Your child has their current social circle that likely includes family, classmates, neighbors, and other members of extracurricular activities or after school programs. At summer camp, kids will meet a new collection of people that they will be allowed to explore with and develop close relationships quickly. These friendships typically last and turn into pen-pal or long distance friendships that can be rekindled the following year at camp.

Summer camps offer a variety of benefits for both you and your children including psychological, physical, and educational benefits. If you want more than a lazy summer for your children, enroll them in a summer camp program today.

Summer camp program in Chicago

Here, at Just for Kids, we offer a 10-week summer camp program for children aged 3 to 14 years. Dates are June 19 – August 24, 2018, and each week will feature a different theme that includes an age-appropriate field trip! Let us keep a watchful eye on your children while they learn, explore, and develop new friendships this summer break — they will create memories that will last a lifetime!

Summer Camp Age Groups

Our summer program is separate from our regular daycare program and enrollment includes a t-shirt, water pack, and backpack! Multi-child discounts available. Contact us for pricing and to enroll your children today!

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Why Summer Day Camp Is Important For Your Child

Summer day camps offer much more than simply providing the babysitter you need and the activities that prevent your kid from getting bored — although they offer those too! Summer day camps have been shown to be important for the health and development of your child, and helps set them up for a successful over any other summer activity, here’s how:

Prevents Separation While Encouraging Independence

Many families struggle with the decision of what to do with their kids over summer vacation from school — send them to summer school, take the summer off with them (but who can afford that?), leave them at home while you work, send them to a family member’s house for the summer, or send them away to summer camp? While many kids say that summer camp sounds exciting, once they are there, many kids and parents alike struggle with the separation that leads to the child having less than positive memories of their time away at camp. Day camps provide a middle ground where children can go to experience the same activities that they do at overnight camps, but go home and tell their families about it over dinner.

Prevents Obesity and Supports Active Learning

The problem with leaving your kids at home while you work, aside from the unsupervised mischief, is that they tend to participate in sedentary activities — sleeping, watching television, playing video games, or reading. While all of these activities are perfectly fine in moderation, if they are what summer vacation consists of, your child is at risk for losing everything they learned over the school year in addition to gaining unhealthy amounts of weight. When your child attends summer day camp, they will engage in a full day of activities that supports learning and keeps them active — which means they will also be tired when you pick them up! This can help maintain a healthy weight (in addition to teaching healthy choices) as well as prepare them for the next school year.

Provides Structure and Discipline

Children are get used to the structure and discipline offered during class time at school and at home with their parents. Over summer vacation, these practices can be lacking, which makes the back-to-school transition difficult in the fall and can lead to behavior problems that become long-lasting. Keep your child in a structured environment where they are held accountable for their actions, at summer day camp.

According to the American Camp Association, (, sending your kid to summer day camp is one of the most productive things you can do for your child this summer. At Just For Kids, our summer camp costs the same as you would pay for childcare, and includes everything your child needs to have fun and learn, all summer long! Contact us for registration information today!

Packing for a Day at Summer Day Camp

When your child has ditched their textbooks and calculators for the summer, making the transition to summer camp can leave you stumped as to what to load in their backpack for a day of adventuring. Here is a list of must-have items to pack along with your kid for a successful day at summer day camp:

Drinking Source

Pack along a bottle of water, preferably reusable, so that they can stay hydrated, no matter the activity. A reusable water bottle is a great long-term investment that will allow your child to simply refill their water source once it is exhausted. If your child uses it for anything other than water, make sure to thoroughly wash it at the end of the day to prevent mold from growing!

Extra Clothes

Include a full extra set of clothes and put them in a plastic bag to keep them from getting wet. Include a clean shirt, shorts, socks, underwear, and shoes. At summer day camp, children get into all sorts of activities from slip n’ slide to finger painting. While camp counselors will advise your children if they will get wet or messy at an activity and how they can prevent it — painting smocks — the activities at day camp are much more active than those of regular school. If your child needs to change their clothes, the plastic bag can hold the soiled ones until they get home.

Sunscreen/ Sunglasses/ Hat

Camp directors are good about making sure children are protected from the sun and bugs, but it is helpful to pack protection along with your little one to prevent negative outcomes.

Jacket or Sweatshirt

For the days that get cool! This is especially helpful during storms or toward the end of summer, when it begins to cool earlier. If camp activities require children to go into air conditioned buildings, it can also get uncomfortable and require a little warmth.

Swimming Gear

Although your summer day camp schedule should alert you to when swimming days are, it is best to just keep a suit in your child’s backpack, just in case! Pack along a towel, flip flops, goggles, and anything else your child uses at the swimming pool. Place the items in a plastic bag so that once they are done swimming, they can put their wet gear in the bag until they get home.

Favorite Snack With a Note

The camp will provide all the snacks and food your kiddo needs, but including your child’s favorite snack or treat with a note letting them know you are thinking of them, love them, and are proud of them, will be just the reminder of home they need.

At Just For Kids Summer Day Camp, we provide everything else your child should need — food, snacks, drinks, craft materials. For questions or more information about what your child needs to attend our summer camp, contact us today! Register your child today so they don’t miss out on the fun!

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What to Look For in a Summer Day Camp

If you have made the great decision to send your child to a summer day camp during their break from school, the next step is finding one! While you may have a few characteristics in mind that are important for the camp that they attend — price, location, safety — there are a few things you should consider before trusting the camp with your child and your money.

A Solid History

Summer day camp is not a new idea, in fact camps have existed for nearly a century. With that in mind, any camp you send your child to should be well established and have a proven track record. While every camp has to have its first years, unless you are a member of the staff, or personally know the staff, we recommend you trust the tried and true camp instead. The history will allow you to do some research on what the camp offers and how it turned out — reviews, injuries, etc.

Philosophy and Values

What are the philosophy and values of the camp? It is easy for any organization to put together a camp, but to make it worth your money and your child’s time, make sure that the philosophy matches your needs. For instance, if you are simply looking for someone to look after your child while you are at work, a summer day camp run by your local daycare is a great option for providing activities to keep your child busy. If your intent is to reinforce your religious values that are not taught in public school, a church camp may be a better option. Or, if you are hoping for your child to lose weight, learn a special skill, or overcome learning disabilities, there are special summer camps tailored to specific needs and themes that you can find.


Wherever you send your child, you want to have the peace of mind that they are safe in your absence. Check out the facility and credentials of the staff who will be caring for your child. Ask about safety plans for various activities such as swimming. Inquire about the background checks that the camp does on the staff that works for the camp, to ensure your child is not being left with a predator. Also, ask about communication — how often will you hear from the camp staff, who will alert you if your child is injured, etc.

What is Included?

An important element when deciding where to send your kid is what is included for the price. For instance, if a summer day camp provides activities at their facility and you have to provide meals and craft supplies, it is simply a daycare and the price should match. If the camp includes meals and supplies, you may end up paying a little extra, but it means that your child will have everything they need to participate in all of the activities. Find out what the schedule of activities are and if your child will go on field trips or be afforded the opportunity to explore beyond the facility’s grounds. You want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth and that your child will enjoy their time at camp as well as get something out of it.

For a summer day camp full of activities to keep your little one busy and learning all summer long, contact us at Just For Kids today! We are dedicated to providing your children with a healthy outlet for summer energy while encouraging them to explore and learn. Meals and supplies are provided. Our staff is expertly trained and both our day care and our summer camp are backed with experience. For more information or to register your children, contact us now, camps start soon!