Putting your child in daycare may cause some separation anxiety in your children, but even more so for you. The fear of the unknown is common in children, but within a few days, they will settle into their new setting and, as we have discussed in other posts, there are numerous benefits of child care outside of the home. You, however, may struggle every time you drop your child off, you may spend all day wondering if they are okay, and then feel relieved when you pick them up. This is normal, you are trusting someone else to care for, keep your child safe, and provide them the parental role in your absence, and no one will love your child the way that you do. While these feelings are normal, there are some common fears about daycare that enhance this anxiety.

Join us in today’s post as we discuss some common daycare fears that parents have and how to overcome them. At Just For Kids, LLC, we provide the families of Chicago the safety and peace of mind they deserve through our quality daycare services. Contact us to schedule a tour or enroll your child in our services today.

Your Child Cries When You Drop Them Off

Always trust your gut and remember that you know your child best. If your child shows signs that there is something wrong or they are legitimately afraid to attend daycare, there may be something to look into. But, for the most part, some form of whining is normal. They are leaving you, the most important person in their life — their safety, their favorite. But, not to worry, you may notice that at the end of the day, they whine and cry because they don’t want to leave and you are interrupting their play! Children are sensitive to change and can express frustration and stress with whining and crying. Don’t worry, though, they will quickly make friends and be so engaged in activities, that to them, your workday will soar by!

You Have No Idea What They Are Up To

The anxiety contributed to the unknown is a well-founded fear. Your child is yours and you should feel nervous when you do not know what they are doing. That is why your daycare should provide a calendar of events and a “report card” that lets you know exactly what your child will be doing and has done. If your child care provider does not provide this information, your fears are founded and you should probably look for another provider.

My Child Will Just Be Another Face in the Crowd

One of the things every parent fears most is that their kid will just be another face in the crowd and won’t get the dedicated attention that they would offer themselves. While it may be true that a daycare provider will never be able to give your child the same attention that you do, they will have the eyes-on care that they need. A trusted daycare should have a student-to-teacher ratio that is safe and allows them to know each child as well as they know their own nieces and nephews. Check out the facility before trusting them with your child and forge a relationship with your child’s teachers. This will help ease these anxieties and reassure that they are simply fears and not founded truths.

There are so many pros and cons of daycare versus at-home care, and just as many fears. Before enrolling in a local daycare, do your research, read reviews, take a tour, and get involved. The more you know, the closer you will feel, and the less anxiety you’ll have. At Just For Kids, LLC, our staff is always delighted to encounter involved parents. After all, our staff is simply an extension and supplement to the care you provide. Contact us to find out more and enroll your kids into one of our many great programs today!