As concerned parents, we’re all interested in giving our children an early start and competitive edge in school.  Experts agree and research indicates that starting your child early in an excellent preschool often leads to success in kindergarten and beyond.  So why not give your children the many advantages they need — mentally, socially and physically — all in a fun and exciting, learning environment at Just For Kids!

Valuable Fun

Preschool at Just For Kids is an awesome way to fill your child’s day with fun while learning important skills that will last a lifetime.  Our school currently accepts 20 children a year and is registered with the Illinois State Board of Education, so you can trust that what they’ll be learning is both valuable and essential for growth and development.

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The Program For You

At Just For Kids, we believe that preschool matters immensely. Whether you just need a safe, nurturing, and professionally supervised place for your child during the day… or you want to give them an awesome early start — OR BOTH — our preschool program is perfect for you!

Just sign your child up at Just For Kids, and let our preschool’s staff of highly trained and experienced educators prepare your child for school while teaching them valuable life lessons.  Through stimulating activities and hands-on teaching styles, your child can begin to learn pre-reading skills, important mathematics fundamentals, and develop a stronger vocabulary. Every child learns at a different rate, so by enrolling them in preschool, you’re giving your child the opportunity to develop skills that will last a lifetime.

The right preschool can help your child achieve important early developmental milestones. Just For Kids stands out by being registered with the Illinois State Board of Education. We know that it can feel daunting researching local preschools for your child, but Just For Kids provides the competitive edge you’re looking for.


Focus on your child’s early education by enrolling them in Just For Kids’ preschool program.

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Kids thrive with daily structure, especially in their early developmental years. They will begin to recognize the benefits of daily routines, such as an added sense of security overall. Our educational programs aim to get kids used to the idea of everyday learning, making it easy for them to transition into more difficult grade school levels.


It is well known that kids who socialize with children their age are benefited by the experience. Learning social skills at an early age limits the risk of developmental issues. Children will begin to make friends and navigate the world around them by having fun with their peers.


It’s difficult for parents to see their babies grow up. Many new parents worry that their kids won’t need them once they fly the coop, but that is untrue. Parents who allow their kids the freedom to build independence in their earliest stages tend to have deeper bonds with their children as they grow up.


Kids cultivate their sense of self-confidence from the moment they interact with their peers. They begin to learn how they see themselves and their place in the world based upon their interactions with others. Exposing them to more kids, regardless of their similarities or differences, encourages them to be confident from the start.

Preschool programs such as the ones offered at Just For Kids give your children a head start. Not only do we work around your busy schedule, but we provide your children with the developmental tools they need for future success. Additionally, our after school activities like Before and After School Care can maximize the potential for growth by extending socialization hours while you are working.

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