Summertime is a great time for kids to take a break from their rigorous academic schedule to process all the information they have learned over the school year, grow and learn about themselves, and get ready for the upcoming school year. As July nears an end, it means that summer vacation is quickly vanishing as well. One Sunday, summer will be over and Monday morning will welcome the beginning of the new school year. The transition from sleeping in, spending the day adventuring, and then staying up late to getting up early, spending eight hours a day at school learning, and then coming home to do homework and prepare for the next day is quite a transition for people of all ages, and can be especially difficult for youngsters. Luckily, there are a few things you can start doing now to help make the back-to-school transition easier for the whole family.

#1 Re-establish sleep schedules.

Sleep patterns are probably the hardest part about changing any routine. During the summertime, children are usually left to relying on their own circadian rhythms to guide when they go to sleep and when they get up for the day. However, during the school year, school schedules dictate when your child needs to be up for the day and they are required to be more alert and well rested to be successful. If your child has gotten off their school time sleep schedule, it may take a few weeks to get them back on track. Beginning at the end of July or early August will help make the transition easier. Start by establishing a bedtime that is close to a normal school day bedtime and then having them wake up for the day closer to when they will during the school week. This has the potential to create some very cranky kids. If this is the case, encourage a short mid-day nap rather than letting them sleep in. After a few days to a week, the sleep schedule should be easier and they won’t require naps and may be more alert. Continue adjusting the schedule until it mimics the same times you’ll use during the school year.

#2 Go back-to-school shopping.

Starting back-to-school shopping helps you and your kids. For you, starting earlier can help lighten the load on your pocketbook. You can purchase required school supplies one paycheck and clothes or uniforms the following month, rather than all at once. Additionally, when you buy school supplies earlier, the selection tends to be better and the stores are still fully stocked, ensuring you get everything you need. School shopping helps to get your kids excited about going back to school and will make the first day of school a lot easier. If you purchase a back-to-school outfit or a new pair of shoes, make your children wait to wear them until school begins. On the first day of school, your kid is sure to hop out of bed, excited to get dressed and ready for the day.

#3 Scope out the new routine.

It is always a good idea to familiarize your child with their new routine, prior to it beginning, to help reduce stress and anxiety and make the days smoother. If your child will be attending a new school, take them to walk around it and maybe even check out the classrooms they will be in and play on the playground for a little bit. If accessing the facility isn’t possible, make it a point to drive by the school and point it out on normal outings. If your child will be attending an afterschool program or a daycare, see if starting part-time beforehand is a possibility or if, at the very least, checking out the facility and meeting some of the staff will help. Getting your child used to the idea of a new routine will help them appreciate the remaining summer days and reduce anxiety about the upcoming school year.

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