1. How to Keep Your Kids Active This Summer

    Summer break has been an American tradition for schools dating back to colonial times when it was necessary to have more hands on the farm during peak growing season. Although most children no longer spend their days providing labor on the family´s farm, we have kept the tradition of a long summer …Read More

  2. The Benefits Of Reliable, Reputable Child Care

    Making the decision to put your little one into a child care facility is a big one. You are putting your child into the care and responsibility of a daycare provider, and you want to make sure that you and your family feel completely safe and comfortable with the environment. Many families choose to…Read More

  3. What To Look For When Deciding On A Child Care Service

    Finding a good, reputable daycare for your child is a big decision that requires time and energy. You want to make sure that your kiddo is getting the best child care possible while learning and getting to know other children. And most of all, you want to them to be safe, seen, and well taken care o…Read More

  4. The Importance Of Positive Adult Role Models

    As parents, we want our children to grow up to be “good people” as they enter adulthood. But how does a child learn how to be a good person? How do they learn how to treat others, how to handle conflict, how to listen, and how to be - or not be - successful? From the moment children are infants …Read More

  5. Winter Break Child Care

    Winter break can be a stressful time for families. Many families are trying to arrange holiday get-togethers with the family while still working full or part-time jobs. When you take into consideration that kids are now out of school, it can seem impossible to get everything in order. The Chicago Pu…Read More

  6. How After School Care Can Set Your Kid Up For Success

    More and more parents are turning to after school child care than ever before. More families have two working parents, or separated couples are experiencing the challenges of being a working single parent. While many jobs keep parents busy until 5:00 or 6:00 p.m., most schools dismiss kids around 3:…Read More

  7. How To Know When Your Child Is Ready For Preschool

    Deciding if or when to enroll your child in preschool can be a big decision. Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if your child is ready for the next step. Has your child ever spent time away from you? Sending a child to preschool when he or she has never spent time away from Mom or …Read More

  8. It’s Time to Start Looking For After School Care For Fall

    Chicago Public Schools projected 2017-2018 school year start date is September 5, the day after Labor Day. While specific schools may start earlier or later, it is clear to see that the end of summertime fun will be here before we know it. That means it is time to start lining up after school care p…Read More

  9. Six Ways Your Child Can Benefit From Summer Camp

    At Just For Kids, our Chicago after school programs and summer camps ensure that kids have a safe environment in which to grow, learn, and have fun! Our summer camp is just about to start, and if you’ve already signed up your child, we can’t wait to see you! We understand that some parents are o…Read More