1. How Summer Camp Has Changed Over The Years

    Today summer camps are full of endless activities for any interest your child might have. Whether your child likes to play computer games, dance, sing, swim, engage in arts and crafts, or wants to experience traditional camping, there are summer camps to suit every kid. But it wasn’t always like t…Read More

  2. How To Help Your Child Develop Motor Skills

    Motor skills are the basis for many different elements of life. Because of this, helping your son or daughter to develop his or her motor skills, both fine and gross, is vital. In this blog, we’ll discuss some easy ways for you to help your child develop and finesse his or her motor skills and why…Read More

  3. Report Finds Childcare Scarcity Causes Stress For Working Families

    Being a parent is simultaneously one of the most difficult and rewarding experiences that many adults every go through. On one hand, you get to watch a new, innocent life come into the world, show them love and protection, and guide them through each milestone that comes along with growing up. On th…Read More

  4. What To Do If Your Kid’s Scared To Go To Summer Camp

    Going to summer camp is a long-standing right of passage for many kids. It’s often the first time a child stays away from home for an extended period of time, and in many cases, an opportunity for them to learn more about who they are as individuals. Friendships made and skills learned at summer c…Read More

  5. When You’re Part Of Our After School Programs, You’re Family

    Chicago is a big city, and here at Just For Kids LLC, we realize that you have many different options when it comes to after school programs for your kids. Parents who are looking for before and after school care for their kids often ask us what makes Just For Kids different from all the rest. We’…Read More

  6. Little Girls Learn To Be Strong Women With Our Child Care Services

    Here at Just For Kids LLC, we often get calls and emails from Chicago parents who are on the fence about child care services. On one hand, they desperately need a safe place for their kids to hang out before and after school, or a preschool that they can trust to instill a love of learning in their …Read More

  7. Tips For Choosing The Right Summer Camp For Your Child

    Winter break just ended and kids all over the Chicago area are digging out their snow boots and slip-sliding their way back to school. With all this cold, snow, and ice, summer camp is probably the furthest thing from your mind, but we’re here to bring it to the forefront! Summer camp is a sacred …Read More

  8. Deducting child care expenses on taxes.

    Where Do You Deduct Child Care Expenses On Your Taxes?

    The child and dependent care credit is a tax deduction that allows some people to write off up to 35 percent of child care costs on your taxes! Keep reading to learn more about the child care tax credit, what you have to do to qualify for it, and where to make the deduction on your tax forms. Tax Se…Read More