We all have a story to tell — a story of our day, a story of our hardships and heartbreaks, and a story of our triumphs through our tribulations.

Kids have these same stories to tell, just at their level. They have their hills and valleys they traverse every day, with their exultations and their sullen moments of despair. Their struggle to reach the water fountain at school. Their struggle walking home alone. Their desires to grow and be astronauts, actresses, and sports heroes. Their happiness over an A on their math test.

It can be easy for adults to dismiss these stories and not listen to them. After all, what’s an A on a math test? Everyone does that. But does your child do that all the time? Did he or she study hard to get that A? Was it a struggle to learn that math formula and apply it?

When children’s concerns are dismissed as unimportant and their stories are left untold, this can affect their self-esteem and their self-worth in this world. They need to celebrate every triumph and find solutions to every problem. They need you to listen as they do so and offer advice that only experience can speak. They need you.


Just for Kids in Chicago is an exceptional preschool where kids are listened to every day. They and their stories are valued and encouraged as they face life’s challenges. Our devoted and caring staff serves as guides for your children as they learn and explore this world we live in. As we teach them to read and write and about the planets and the stars and the continents and the countries, kids learn just how big this world is, and they begin to learn their place in it. Through fun learning activities and hands-on teaching styles, your child will have a new chapter of their story to tell at the end of every week. Kindergarten readiness plays heavily into our curriculum, and when you partner with Just for Kids, you can rest assured that your child will be well prepared to begin their academic careers.

In addition, Just for Kids’ after school and before school programs are designed with your child’s needs in mind. We ensure safe transport both to and from school. We provide healthy snacks to keep your child energized. We have organize games and crafts to keep your child engaged. We provide homework help. But perhaps most importantly, we give kids a place to decompress from their days. They can read a book, shoot some baskets, or just have an ear to listen to. Some kids love to talk about their days and will tell you everything and anything that happened, down to the tiniest details. Other kids just like to be still, and they will share when ready.

Just for Kids cares about your kids holistically. We do our best to provide them a nurturing and safe environment in which to not only tell their stories, but also to live them out. Contact us today to learn more!