Sports have probably been around since humans have. After all, sports are fun. You get together with your friends, form a team, achieve a goal, and celebrate. But there’s much more to sports than just having fun. There are many benefits, including physical, emotional, and developmental growth.

Just for Kids is a child care center in Chicago. We offer a top-notch preschool program, as well as before and after school care for children up to age 14. We not only provide transportation to and from your child’s school, but we also offer a wide variety of activities for the kids to do, as well as help with homework. Just for Kids aims to alleviate your concerns and worries about day care for kids and strives to help your child succeed in school and in life. Below, we’ll discuss the importance of sports for kids. Contact us today to learn more!


Physical activity

Kids need to be active every day. When kids are active, growth is stimulated, and calories are burned. With the growing concern of childhood obesity in this country, playing sports can help your child avoid gaining weight beyond what is healthy. Furthermore, when your child is active in sports, he or she is more likely to be active as an adult. They experience the high after a good dose of running or lifting weights, and they learn how to exercise properly, why it’s important, and how to eat correctly as well.

Life skills

Sports are so much more than kids running around with their heads cut off, loose on the soccer field. Sports are organized play, and anytime other people are involved, compromises have to be made. Kids will learn patience as they wait on another boy or girl who is taking a bit longer to learn a new skill. Kids will learn cooperation, as they discover that one person cannot win the game — it takes the whole team, communicating and working together, to defeat their opponents. Resilience is learned, especially in a tough season where wins can be few.

Kids will learn to set goals, as well as the steps to achieving goals. More importantly, they will see this in action as they experience the value of practice and see their improvements in their performance. Let’s be honest, achieving goals is a skill some adults haven’t mastered yet.

Learning to lose with grace is something kids have to learn the hard way. Nowadays, it’s commonplace for kids to place the blame on anything or anybody other than themselves. Having to face the fact that the other team played harder or was better prepared mentally is a life skill that kids need in life. Personal ownership in their roles can be a hard pill to swallow, but one we all must.

Mental well being

Your brain stays active and growing by being challenged, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a more challenging environment than bringing together a group of kids who don’t necessarily know each other, teaching them the sport, and asking them to work together to win games. Sports also bring mental clarity and focus to other activities, such as school. Kids will also have to learn how to push through soreness and defeat the voice inside their head that will tell them they can’t do it when they are physically drained. Sports are also a great stress reliever for kids who can be just as stressed as adults.

Improved self-confidence

Self-confidence and self-esteem are two variables that are very much dependent on a child’s environment and on life events. Self-confidence can be found in sports. When your child excels at a sport, he or she is admired, and he or she knows they can do something others can’t. This gives your child a sense of self-confidence in himself or herself in his or her own abilities. This will most likely transfer throughout their entire lives. When your self-confidence is high, self-esteem follows. You feel good about yourself helping the team win a game, or winning a race in track. Sports can give kids an anchor in which to forge new life skills on.

Finding themselves

Childhood is a difficult time. It’s a time where kids have to learn who they are and what their place is in this world. Kids have to discover — often the hard way — what they are good at and what they are not; what they like doing and what they don’t; what’s socially acceptable and what is not; and what is right and what is wrong. Being good at a particular sport can be an identifying factor for kids at young ages and can play a role in how they are accepted amongst their peers.


Just for Kids offers sports activities for kids in order for them to gain these valuable skills listed above. We offer a sports club for kids to experience all different kinds of sports, such as basketball and baseball, so they can find which ones they are good at. We work hard to ensure kids not only have fun at sports, but that they are staying active, playing together, and enjoying social interaction. Sports offers a common denominator for kids to connect over — and Just for Kids is all about connections.

Just for Kids is the best preschool program in Chicago. Incorporating games and sports is just one small part of our curriculum. Your child will be challenged as they learn to read, to write, to add, to subtract, and to work together with others. They will gain a sense of the world around them through our preschool curriculum, learning skills such as respect and integrity and having the freedom to express themselves while discovering who they are.

Just for Kids’ before and after school care offers the same opportunities as our preschool program to grow, learn, and just be who they are, as does our preschool program. From carpentry to karaoke, your child will be able to laugh, to learn, and to love. Contact Just for Kids today to enroll!